Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Love is in the Air

Recently I have been wandering around my house a lot more often and realized that I finally have some time to spare in order to get crafty before I'm swamped by studying for finals. In order to gain some inspiration for my latest creation, I scoured my varied sources of challenge blogs and stumbled upon Inkspirational's Purple Colour Challenge. Just as the name suggests, I had to incorporate purple into my designs, and I decided to also incorporate the second element of the challenge by allowing my card to focus around the theme of love. To me there is nothing in nature that screams love more than pairs of birds, and as such, I depicted two birds flying in unison as they equally support a sign with the word love emblazoned on it. Glean whatever symbolism you'd like from that description. My card also happens to coincide with Fairytale Challenge's Springs & Wings/ Feathers & Wings challenge as birds are quite often known for their ability to take flight due to the advantage of wings.

Even in its simplicity this has suddenly become one of my favorite cards. In order to create the sky and grass look I simply utilized markers and sponges in order to attain the desired effect, and then used a Stampin' Up bird punch for the two birds. I also had some string leftover from another project which I used as "rope". Hope you enjoy!