Thursday, July 8, 2010

I found the ladybug in the cricut set: A Walk In My Garden. Then I created the checker-board pattern by punching out 1 1/4" red squares and placed them on the black paper like a checker-board.

I found this design from Heather S. and adjusted it in a very miniscule way. But I think it looks better. I'm not judging just stating my opinion.

I CASE'd this from Heather S., but instead of putting the squirrel on a tag I put it on a 3x3.

I found the awsome ribbon from the Michael's dollar ribbon bin and went from there. But doesn't it look really cool? I couldn't find any black brads so I took 'em off of another card that was floating around somewhere.

This is the place where my inner-genius turned into a major disaster. (really, it looks like a tornado or something hit)


  1. You should see the kitchen counter, it expanded from the table to there to a table in the livingroom!

    But, you made some awesome cards the last two weeks!

  2. I think you rock Noelle, when you can out stamp your grandma, me and Di That is saying something.

  3. thanks. i made a new card but i'm waiting for my camera to come to take a picture of it